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30-Day Global Whole Food Challenge

with You!Healing Herbal Support

February 1 - March 2, 2021

If you want to lose weight, feel super energetic, and up your “happy factor”. This is a fully supported, guided detox, “all questions answered” kind of program. We’ll deliver everything you need directly to your inbox! With weekly webinars addressing health issues; you’ll lose and learn.

Oh, and be set up to thrive in 2021!

No better time than while eating 30 days of whole, healthy, healing foods to deepen the process by cleansing with herbs. We'll provide 30-days worth of herbs to accompany your program that will support each organ of detox (the liver, kidneys, intestines, adrenal glands etc. And, we'll even empty the gall bladder and flush the liver while we're at. Excess bacteria and even parasites will get the boot!  You'll feel better than ever!

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You!Healing will:

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Link you to a 30-day whole food meal plan, recipes and the online learning materials that will be covered during our weekly zoom classes

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Be online for weekly fun-filled Zoom classes covering hot health topics designed to keep you informed and ready to take the best care of you ever!

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Daily access to Anne via WhatsApp* for personal questions and concerns. Or, simply to share just how great you’re feeling. (free international call and text service)

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Set you up for ongoing healthy eating and juicing! Connect you to a group of like-minded, health conscious people for on-going support!

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For over 4 decades Anne's work has concentrated on the healthcare field. She has applied her work experience, research and teaching skills to better understand how modern medicine and traditional, gentle, natural approaches can be most effectively integrated.

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