How do people find out about you and You!Healing?

More than half of my clients are encouraged to see me by their doctor. Most of those people reach out to me on the day of their diagnosis. The remaining clients contact me because they’ve heard about me through one or several of my other clients. About 85% of my clients have never met me before our first visit. Brave souls! ​

How do you work with people?

The answer is: it depends.

For those who are actively unwell, we work best together one-to-one! We meet in person or by Skype twice a week for four weeks. After this, they are often skilled up with all they need to well manage their care plan.

Having said that, most of these clients are in urgent need of attention to the body and more than half opt into a deep cleanse or a fasting option to quickly shift the pH balance and begin to give the “boot" to the unwanted guest, be it cancer, heart disease, auto immune disease, what have they.

And, as their healing progresses, they often want to learn more about Mindful Meditation or take the "Get A Life" course or design a personalized movement program to boost their immune system, lower cholesterol or calm the heart. The options are endless!

My desire is simple: to meet them where they are and provide for that need. That’s my job!

For those who are what I affectionately refer to as the W’s (the "walking, working, wounded well”), I work with them one-to-one or in a group, depending on their schedule and concerns. I also commit to creating a care plan for them and imparting relevant skills to assure that they are able to continue on their own. This can be accomplished in just a few sessions or we commit to caring once a month for a year. It depends on their needs and attention to practice.

Interestingly enough, it’s the W’s who opt into everything! They want to cleanse, breathe, meditate, shift, change and break out of being stuck! I love working with these people!

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How do you conduct your one-to-one sessions?

This is shifting as the need grows. I used to see all my clients happily sitting about a foot away from me. I continue to do that for some, but more are seeing me on Skype or opting to come to Bali for a few days or preferably a week of intensive work together. I also see clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Delhi, Bangkok and am developing a course schedule that takes much of this on the road. ​

Do you work with children?

This is my sweet spot! I love working with children! I’ve worked with many children and their families as they move through cancer, stem cell treatments, isolation, pain management and reentry. This is a passion of mine and I often do a great deal of work in this space free of charge. All I want to do is help families learn simple, yet profound, techniques that they can use together to better balance and remain calm. ​

So, how do I know what’s best for me?

Call or email me…we’ll figure it all out together!

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"My healing is now on rocket fuel. I’m feeling fantastic, energetic and so grateful. Thank you."


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