3 Important Messages to Keep in Mind Whether You Choose to be Vaccinated or Not

May 10, 2021

Whether you have chosen to be vaccinated or not, there are a few important messages that I want to share with you. Right now! Again…

First, this is not the time to be complacent - whether you took the jab or not. The vaccine (which is, by definition, a misuse of the word) does not protect fully from one or all or perhaps even any strains of Covid over time.

Second, it’s always been and remains imperative that we take full responsibility for two areas of health: the health of our gut and the health of our immune system. No one else can do this for you! No one!

Third, it is a fact that a ”gunked up” gut leaves one immunno-compromised which means your immune system isn’t functioning at its optimal level. Not good.

So, what am I telling everyone I love? And, what am I personally doing to maintain my best health?

  1. Check out all the free tips in Stay Well. They work!
  2. Consider taking a powerful combination of herbs, Stay Well Protocol, that will ward off most bacteria and viral infections. You can eat and drink as per usual and take the herbs twice daily for about a month. Rest for 3 months and possibly repeat.
  3. Consider making an appointment with your local Dr. of Homeopathy. Ask about a homeopathic remedy that consists of Thuja, Silicea, and Ledum (all 30 c potency) Take as directed.
  4. Add a bountiful product called Ningxia Red to your daily smoothie or drink straight. It’s a super booster. I’ve been benefitting from this for years!
  5. Call your local Essential Oils expert and ask what oils you can apply, diffuse and consume that will boost immune function, ward off offenders and leave you feeling safe, strong, and smelling good! You’ve seen me post many times about adding a drop of essential oils into my mask - it's a fabulously healing idea! Copy that!
  6. And, you know I’m going to say this….consider fasting as the fast-est way to clean your gut out so that you are not immunno-compromised and have the best fighting machine a human can have!

If you haven’t had your shot yet but are considering it, please listen to the Free Webinar: How to Best Prepare for the Vaccine. Take the herbs (#2) and the homeopathic remedy (#3) mentioned above. To avoid site pain, mix a small amount of pure bentonite clay with water and pack the site. Cover with a large bandaid and reapply fresh clay mixture daily.

The world is watching the events in India. My heart aches. Our love extends to the more than 20 personal friends in Delhi who have lost loved ones this week alone. We pray. And we give!

And, we decide to take the best care of ourselves and of our families. This is not the time to become complacent. It never was. I’ve been yammering on about all this for more than a year now. Please take these 6 steps to keep you well! I care. But, you knew that!

Reach me if you need me!

With love,


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