Bali Fasting Retreat - Closing Ceremony Video

How was my experience with the last fasting group?

I love nothing more than giving these groups my all! They usually arrive a little apprehensive as this is a new process. They lighten up and have learned so much by day four. On the day that we break fast and are blessed with a very special ceremony, they are so happy, healthy, whole and complete I can’t budge them! Some want never to leave! You can’t imagine how happy that makes me feel.

What is the video showing?

The video is of the closing ceremony and blessing on our last day together. We have broken fast earlier that morning with small amounts of cucumber or papaya. They are feeling nourished and so deeply proud of themselves. As you can see from the faces, they are blissing out on a newfound sense of well being: physically, emotionally and spiritually!


Thank you to all the participants and Putu Witsen for the magical closing ceremony. :)


What is a fasting retreat? Why many of the people attend it?

A Fasting Retreat is among the greatest gifts you can give yourself. For most, it’s a re-set and a path towards more energy, greater clarity and a sense of lightness. For those who are suffering from a chronic condition, fasting can be exceptionally helpful in turning the situation around. I see miracles happen in the fasting space.  Those suffering a decade of insomnia sleep like babies. Those with a horrible history of migraines remain headache free for months if not years. Those with gut issues including bloating, constipation, menopausal symptoms, weight gain and issues such as leaky gut, Crohn’s, IBS etc see marked improvement if not full health return.

Interested to join one of our fasting retreat?

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