Have You Been Listening to Your Body?

For us busy-bees, we are often too focused on getting our productivity right that we forgot to check on our physical well-being. Have you noticed dark circles under your eyes, abdominal bloating or pain, allergies, acne or feeling excessive body heat or chronic fatigue?

Perhaps it’s time for you to do a health check and start a fasting program.

Here are the signs and symptoms, a checklist, to see if your body is in need of a fast or a cleanse

  • If you experience 3 - 5 of the above, this is a great time for a maintenance fast
  • If you experience 5 - 10 of the above, this is a great time for a reboot fast
  • If you experience 10 or more of the above, your body is in urgent need of a fast

“Why fasting?,” you may ask.

Fasting gives you more than just physical health benefits, but also emotional and spiritual benefits. Learn more about fasting and its benefits on my next blog post.

Join our fasting and cleansing courses. We offer a proven safe, guided, clinically appropriate fasting technique for you. Learn more about the course by visiting our page here


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