New Year; New You. Are you ready?

Jan 05, 2021

What oh what a year 2020 had been! A dear friend of mine said it best in her hand-made Christmas tree ornament!

Like many of you, I rounded the corner of 2019 with a smile on my face, great expansion plans in my pocket and a super charged attitude to serve! Steve and I had just returned from my spiritual home at the ashram in Rishikesh and the doors started to slam all over Asia. Literally, within hours of us leaving the peace and calm of the Ashram!

Our front door slammed shut as well. The Singapore government acted swiftly and called for a lock down. We were in semi-isolation for 90 days. Nestled into a cute but tiny space, we navigated work creating a stand-up desk out of stacked up Amazon boxes! We scheduled work calls so I didn’t laugh while talking to a girlfriend when Steve was recording a podcast. It all went well until it was all just too much! And then it was! Too much!

As soon as Singapore loosened the reigns a bit, I decided dernit I am going to “fly or swim” to reach our girls in the USA. I landed in a sweet little house in Oregon literally 5 minutes away from both Maddie and Becca. (Thanks to dear friends from Bali who live in Bend = a small and delicious world) Steve joined me a month later.

We both worked very hard on weird time zones! But waking and functioning at 5am was worth every minute we had as a family here. I’ve never felt more soul-aligned! All priorities in place and being acted upon. As the world narrowed; it became crystal clear.

I leave so marinated in the love of my daughters. I’m blessed to have dear friends far and wide who stayed close! I amped up my relationship to big nature with her teaming rivers and lakes! Deep forests and high desert. And then, the snow! Oh the snow! I learned a new sport; cross country skiing! And, created our best snow goddess ever!

And now Steve and I need to head back to Asia! And yes, I cried me a river saying good bye to the girls!

We will arrive safely in Singapore and happily serve our 14 day mandatory quarantine. A very reasonable price to pay to re-enter a country that has “nailed” their community response to Covid and manages only a handful of daily new cases nationwide.

Steve and I decided to take the challenge of “New Year; New You” and are fasting while in quarantine. So, watch for my posts about the experience. And, please oh please, ping back so I know the outside world still exists! I’ve never been inside (!!!) in one room for 2 weeks!

So that’s me…

Now for You!Healing!

Alicia and I’ve been hard at work and have much to offer as we start off this New Year! My mission is to clean out and skill up as many people as I can ASAP!

We’re starting the year off with several New Year; New You Challenges.

We organized them by date!

Download Calendar to Click Through

On Jan 12-14th, 3 Day Whole Food Challenge

I am determined to have people to experience how easy, fun, delicious and inexpensively they can feed themselves and their family in a way that staves off disease and maintains health: physically, emotionally and spiritually! So, we’re offering you a FREE 3 Day Whole Food Challenge. And, we want you to consider gifting the FREE Challenge to 3 friends; also for free of course.

Simply use the code: 3DAYCHALLENGE

To learn more about the program and hear what others have said click this LINK.

Jan 25-Feb 1st & Feb 21-28th, Global Online Fasting Retreats

If you haven’t ever done this with us, please consider doing it now! For all the reasons why, and, to hear what others have said click this LINK.

We know that more than 80% of all health issues from candida to cancer, headaches to heartburn and insomnia to inflammatory diseases all YEP ALL originate in the gut. No pharmaceuticals or procedures will fix the issue because drugs and procedures treat only the symptoms. The root cause, the yuck in the gut, has to be given the boot! And, after decades of doing this, I have tested, safe, natural, powerful herbs and the sweetest boot ever!

Feb 1st, we’ll kick off a super fabulous 30 Day Whole Food Challenge! You’ll receive full menu plans, easy recipes and all sorts of support. We’ll also have once-weekly online classes for you to deep dive into some new content.

For all YH Fasting clients, we’re offering you a 50% discount code for the 30-Day Whole Food Challenge without Herbal Support! Simply use the code: 30DAYCHALLENGE

Come join us! With Herbal Support LINK. Without Herbal Support LINK.

On February 14th Valentine’s Day, we’ll re-launch the Miracles Course! It was such a wonderful group of high-vibe people last time. Anyone who took it last time, can take it again for FREE. And, do please help spread the word among your friends. They pay a mere $33 USD

It’s time…to action the very power we have to create miracles large and small!

Sign up LINK

Then on Feb 18th, we’re offering a FREE LIVE Webinar on the Healing Breath.

My birthday gift to you all is a FREE webinar on the Healing Breath! This method of breathing has more than 30 years of clinical research to back its powerful benefits. It’s a life saver, game-changer, magical, easy, miraculous breathing technique that literally saved my life!

Join me and I’ll show you how to master this super powerful technique! LINK

We’re starting the year off with several New Year; New You Challenges.

And, there’s a whole lot more. But, I’ll stop here and let you digest all this first!

I am here for you! Always will be!

I’m even more deeply committed to cleaning you out, further empowering you with skills that maintain health, and, reaching as many of you with a family history of cancer so that we can cut that pattern in this generation!

My never-changing goal is to return to you the gift of being whole, healthy, happy and complete!

Let 2021 be the year you take the best care ever of you!

With love,


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