Why Fasting?

Just like with a high-performance car, sometimes we need to slow down and pay more attention to how we are fueling our bodies. A week-long Fasting Retreat is like taking your car to a professional repair shop. The experts will change the oil, replace the fan belt, rotate the tires and tune up the engine! A car, like your body, will run better than ever after such a tune up!

What is fasting? Fasting is the voluntary, safely monitored cessation of eating for a period of 7 days. Digestion, which accounts for upwards of 65% of the body’s entire energy deployment, stops. While stopped, you are guided to safely clean out the liver, the gallbladder, the colon, etc.

Fasting is a safe, efficient and profound process because it affects every layer of our being: from our cells to tissues, to the production of hormones and neurotransmitters, to the deployment of bile and digestive enzymes, to the effective and efficient movement of breath and oxygen throughout the body.

What are the physical benefits of fasting?

At least 65% of the entire body’s energy reserve is directed to digestion. That means more than half of all the energy we need and consume on a daily basis goes to our gut. Many clients  and medical professionals believe fasting can be a “miracle cure” because of the long list of physical conditions either improved or removed by fasting. Many people who have suffered for months, years, or even decades with chronic conditions have found direct benefits from fasting. Fasting is a recommended first step - before taking medications (often with long lists of side effects) or even invasive surgeries or systemic treatments.

Inexpensive, safe, and natural, fasting is the first response to just about any form of unwellness. It rests the digestive system, cleanses and detoxifies the entire body, promoting a greater physical, emotional, and spiritual clarity while clearing and restarting major body systems. It allows the body to heal and reduce the physical symptoms of sickness that we may have unconsciously have allowed our bodies to process. 

Are there emotional benefits of fasting? 

Yes! Emotionally, a person fasting will feel calmer, clearer and happier. Many report that depression or anxiety lift and goals begin to feel more obtainable as obstacles are put into proper focus. Clients are self-reporting improved concentration, fewer mood swings, ability to manage weight and deep sleep. 

The powerful effects of fasting are often experienced most deeply in our spiritual connection. Fasting takes our attention inward. We listen and become quiet. And that quiet quality time, you with you will also allow a greater sense of kinship with your inner being. 

Join our fasting and cleansing courses. We offer a proven safe, guided, clinically appropriate fasting technique for you. Learn more about the course by visiting our page here

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