Worming Your Way Out

Feb 12, 2019

 ● Trying to worm your way out of something nasty you just said or did? ● Do your feelings get the best of you; as if you’re possessed but some gnarly beast within? ● Do you try to wriggle your way out of taking responsibility? ● Do you feel like people are feeding off of you, taking the best from you? ● Are you in drama cycles, feeling like there’s too much emotional commotion in your life, drowning in interferences or even exploitations? ● Do you envy the success of others because it seems like they have the golden orb, special key, secret sauce or damn just something handed out in a line you knew nothing about?

If you’re answering yes to any of the above, you might legitimately be able to worm your way out of it by blaming it on your parasites! Maybe your worms are responsible for these knots of emotion, anxiety, less-than-isms and rage.

Is your face twisting up in a scowl because this is just too disgusting to be true?

I see THAT face all the time on Briefing Day for any Fasting Retreat when I explain why parasites HATE certain herbs that initiate the death process.

These wriggly little boogers wreak havoc in the gut. And when the gut’s too crowded, they do what we do when we rock up to a crowded beach bar where there’s no room to sit…we move on to another bar. Parasites move on from the gut to the liver or to the lungs or even (thankfully rarely) to the brain.

Did you know that most people happily host parasites and have no idea their gut is a penthouse equivalent for which these nasties pay no rent. Did you know that when you eat your healthy salad or drink that beetroot and ginger smoothie, you’re not the first in line to receive! Those parasites benefit from the nutritional value? They take the best and leave the crumbs for you. They inhale and exhale, poop, burp and grow.

Oh how they grow.

Now that I really have your grossed-out attention, how can you tell if you have parasites and how can you get rid of them?

The usual poop or stool samples are a waste of money because they rarely detect parasites even when someone is loaded. Why, because many of the really big ones are hanging out in mucoid plaque which is a sludgy, mucous filled, moist, dark heavenly lining along portions of the intestinal wall. And, if antibiotics are prescribed, they rarely really do the trick for several reasons. One being that the drugs can’t penetrate the mucoid plaque. The gut is littered with undigested foods and old fecal material. Add an acidic environment and voila, the perfect penthouse for parasites!

So how can you tell?

Let’s take a quick quiz…

  • Do you have stomach pain or abdominal bloating?
  • Do you have any digestive issues?
  • Do you have food sensitivities or intolerances?
  • Does your mouth, nose or anus itch?
  • Have you gained or lost weight or have issues maintaining weight?
  • Do you have cravings?
  • Do you have constipation or runny stools (not the perfect soft banana shape)?
  • Do you feel anxious or easily irritated?
  • Is your skin dry or irritated?
  • Do you have dry flakey skin on your feet?
  • Do you have any persistent nail fungus?
  • Do you have anemia?
  • Are you often really tired?
  • Do you have recurring yeast infections?
  • Do you have any diagnosis of IBS, Leaky Gut, etc?
  • Do you have headaches?
  • Are your joints often stiff and sore?
  • Are you forgetful?

If you didn’t do so well on this quiz, the diagnosis is that you’re normal. Nearly all of us have parasites and most of us have no idea because we paid little attention to any of these symptoms.

So what should we do.

I’m a proponent of fasting 1-2 times a year followed by a 3-4 week parasite protocol that kills an entire life cycle from larvae to adult. Additionally, a diet high in raw garlic helps keep the nasty numbers down in between fasts.

I’m not a proponent of large doses of antibiotics because they don’t work.

And, I’m not a proponent of remaining blur on this point as parasites are in in the bucket of the necessary prerequisites for illness. What are those? Stress (real or perceived), an acidic pH, a de-mineralized body (an acidic body leeches key minerals from itself) and parasites. Constipation is also finally getting the serious attention it deserves as a prerequisite for ill health.

Still have your nose in a wrinkle and grossed out?

I know…me too….



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