You!Healing's Journal

by Anne Hockett

3 Important Messages to Keep in Mind Whether You Choose to be Vaccinated or Not

Whether you have chosen to be vaccinated or not, there are a few important messages that I want to share with you. Right now! Again…

First, this is not the time to be complacent - whether you took the jab or not. The vaccine (which is, by definition, a misuse of the word) does not protect fully from one or all or perhaps even any strains of Covid over time.

Second, it’s always been...

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New Year; New You. Are you ready?

What oh what a year 2020 had been! A dear friend of mine said it best in her hand-made Christmas tree ornament!

Like many of you, I rounded the corner of 2019 with a smile on my face, great expansion plans in my pocket and a super charged attitude to serve! Steve and I had just returned from my spiritual home at the ashram in Rishikesh and the doors started to slam all over Asia. Literally,...

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My Breast Friend

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

“You have breast cancer” she said with as much emotion as “pass the black eyed peas” at a southern dinner table. My mind raced. Dark places. How can this be? Not now! Why me? Oh God!

I was 42 years old, the CEO of a start-up healthcare company and the mother of two under the age of 5. Why me? Why now?

I had also just, and I do...

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Messages From the Body: Breast Cancer

Every condition in our lives possibly exists because there’s a need for it to exist on the physical, emotional,  or spiritual level. Symptoms of un-wellness are the outward effect of the inner condition of an individual. A specific sickness is the natural, physical outcome of thought patterns and emotional disharmonies. They are coded messages from the body trying to...

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