You!Healing's Journal

by Anne Hockett

My Breast Friend

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

“You have breast cancer” she said with as much emotion as “pass the black eyed peas” at a southern dinner table. My mind raced. Dark places. How can this be? Not now! Why me? Oh God!

I was 42 years old, the CEO of a start-up healthcare company and the mother of two under the age of 5. Why me? Why now?

I had also just, and I do...

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Messages From the Body: Breast Cancer

Every condition in our lives possibly exists because there’s a need for it to exist on the physical, emotional,  or spiritual level. Symptoms of un-wellness are the outward effect of the inner condition of an individual. A specific sickness is the natural, physical outcome of thought patterns and emotional disharmonies. They are coded messages from the body trying to...

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