You!Healing's Journal

by Anne Hockett

3 Important Messages to Keep in Mind Whether You Choose to be Vaccinated or Not

Whether you have chosen to be vaccinated or not, there are a few important messages that I want to share with you. Right now! Again…

First, this is not the time to be complacent - whether you took the jab or not. The vaccine (which is, by definition, a misuse of the word) does not protect fully from one or all or perhaps even any strains of Covid over time.

Second, it’s always been...

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What are the Neurological Effects of a Pandemic?

Can’t be good right? 

COVID itself, once contracted, has a series of unwelcome neurological possibilities. These include exhaustion, memory loss, delirium, headaches, inflammation, and decreased oxygen levels. Scientists are now suggesting that the virus affects the same part of the brain that creates dopamine and serotonin; the chemicals responsible for pleasure, motivation, and...

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