For those of us blessed with a degree of social, financial and/or religious independence, the choice to remain in a marriage is ours to make.

Whether you are preparing to tie the knot, testing out the first year, experiencing the seven-year itch, undergoing a mid-life crisis, or suffering the shock of “empty-nester” syndrome, your marriage is likely being tested.

The same might be true in the parenting process or in the growth and development of your career. As a parent, when times get tough, walking away isn’t an option. Or at work, when striving to be your best, build a skill, or land a promotion, you work harder – and one would hope – you learn to work smarter. 

Marriage is no different. Love and romance are viable outcomes. But make no mistake, marriage is work!

Your result of this quiz will tell you if it’s time for you to make your relationship the highest priority.

Click YES if you experience any of these


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I had cancer before. I have cancer again. I came to You!Healing through a recommendation of a friend. I admit I was uptight and angry, really angry. Anne taught me how to breathe and I quickly reached a really calm place. I suddenly realized that I had to change my life ~ all of it, or suffer the consequences. Anne asked me to consider ‘switching my fear into focus and my pain into power.’ So we made a plan. Not easy to do, but now I honestly want to beat this!


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