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This is indeed a strange time; a time to be extra vigilant in boosting our immunity!

Personal and community immunity!!!



Upcoming Group Retreats:


Dubai Retreats

Nov 6-13 in the Al Barsha area
Briefing Day on Nov 6th from 4-6pm
Meet daily from 10am-2pm
Nov 13th Break fast at 9am

Nov 13-20 (Location: TBD)
Briefing Day on Nov 13th from 4-6pm
Meet daily from 10am-2pm
Nov 20th Break fast at 9am

(And, if you’re not physically in Dubai, join us by zoom!)


September 20th - 27th, 2021 (Registration Closed)

October 10th -17th, 2021 (Registration Closed)

 Private Fast Available (contact [email protected])


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Clean out the gut!

You!Healing is reaching out to support those of you who want to take this time at home, out of the office, and, off airplanes to clean out the gut! My clients know the gut is the origin of the majority of illness! But, many don’t know the role the gut plays in immunity.

Take Dr. Bruce Lipton’s word for it as he shared this with me just a few months ago:

Dr. Bruce Lipton on Immune System
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Hear what the other fasters experienced during the week


7 simple but profound positive impacts of the fasting process:

  • Rests the digestive system
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the entire body
  • Pauses patterns in eating and general consumption
  • Promotes greater clarity–physical, emotional, spiritual
  • Clears and restarts major body systems– the space of miracles
  • Creates a sense of physical lightness and enhanced energy
  • Promotes a sense of calm, inner peace, knowing, connection

You!Healing will:

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Ship the fasting supplies to you as fast as possible

(Courier mail)

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Link you to both Fasting Level #1 and Level #2 online learning content

Two courses for the price of one!

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Create a Global WhatsApp group for all those fasting

You will be added in when you start and removed when you finish

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Be online for a LIVE session daily except Sunday

To highlight key points in Level #1 and Level #2, to field any questions, and to offer advice, recipes, and other suggestions to "up" your healing game!

Listen to an Interview About You!Healing Fast

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Fasting Guided By

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For over 4 decades Anne's work has concentrated on the healthcare field. She has applied her work experience, research and teaching skills to better understand how modern medicine and traditional, gentle, natural approaches can be most effectively integrated.

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"I had no idea what a fasting retreat was, but I went to attend a 7 day program with Anne. First, I learned that fasting is used as a way to heal from the ancient times. Second, this experience was like stepping to an open door of new opportunities to really look after myself physically and emotionally. Anne's knowledge goes far beyond her medical field of physical body and expands into physiological, mental, spiritual to create a whole spectrum of what is needed to guide someone to real health. She wisely embeds so beautifully her Western trained medical background with Eastern Medicine Healing practices which she uses it to empower you to leave the program and live mindfully. I have committed to myself to do this at least once a year. And yes "Only someone that is full can give to its family, community and the planet" And Anne does teach you how to put your well-being first."

- You!Healing Client

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