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This is indeed a strange time; a time to be extra vigilant in boosting our immunity!

Personal and community immunity!!!

Clean out the gut!

You!Healing is reaching out to support those of you who want to take this time at home, out of the office, and, off airplanes to clean out the gut! My clients know the gut is the origin of the majority of illness! But, many don’t know the role the gut plays in immunity.

Take Dr. Bruce Lipton’s word for it as he shared this with me just a month ago:

Dr. Bruce Lipton on Immune System

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Hear what the other fasters experienced during the week


You!Healing Will:

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Support a start/stop schedule that fits your schedule

As in you start when you want to!

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Ship the fasting supplies to you as fast as possible

(Courier mail)

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Link you to both Fasting Level #1 and Level #2 content

Two courses for the price of one!

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Link you to Level #3 Get a Life* content

If you've already taken both Level #1 and Level #2

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Create a Global WhatsApp group for all those fasting

You will be added in when you start and removed when you finish

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Be online for a LIVE webinar 3 times a week for 2 hours**

To highlight key points in Level #1 and Level #2, to field any questions, and to offer advice, recipes, and other suggestions to "up" your healing game!

*Get a Life: This course will be offered to a limited number as we will also have 3 personal calls scheduled (during and after your fasting week) to review your answers and co-create your amazing plan for Your Best Life Ever!

** The online live “classes” will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at:
3PM-5PM Singapore/Bali time
11AM-1PM Dubai time
8AM-10AM London time
6PM-8PM Sydney time

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Fasting Guided By

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For over 4 decades Anne's work has concentrated on the healthcare field. She have applied her work experience, research and teaching skills to better understand how modern medicine and traditional, gentle, natural approaches can be most effectively integrated.

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