Clinical benefits of The Healing Breath


  • Lowered health care costs
  • Lowered stress levels
  • Lowered blood pressure and pulse
  • Increased production of anti-oxidants
  • Improved brain function
  • 50% fewer complications post surgery
  • Slowed or reversed progression of most diseases
  • Reduced rate of repeat events, such as heart attacks and cancers
  • Reduced nausea, swelling, sleeplessness, fear
  • Reduced amount of stress hormone cortisol produced and stored

Clinical benefits of The Healing Breath

  • Increased energy and concentration
  • Improved ability to "settle" into work/study
  • Improved ability to focus and remain "on task"
  • Improved memory retrieval in examination settings
  • Significant reduction in anxiety and sleeplessness
  • Frequent improvement in overall test scores
  • Improved communication at school and at home
  • With practice, the ability to relax within seconds and remain relaxed


Course Description: Breath work has extraordinary healing capabilities that benefit nearly every major organ system in the body. It enables a great sense of connection, clarity, focus and peace! The simple breathing techniques taught in this workshop will measurably calm the heart and mind within seconds. You will leave having mastered Level 1 and ready for Level 2! If this sounds too good to be true….it isn’t!

Who Should Attend: This course is a perfect introduction to the healing powers of breath work. It is designed for participants with little or no previous breath work experience.

Dates & Location: This is a two day course. Please contact us to learn about upcoming dates.

Rates & What is Included:The course fee is $500 USD. This includes world-class facilitation, all necessary course materials, recorded meditations, and daily vegetarian lunches.

Get in touch with Anne

"I came to Singapore suddenly because my doctor in Vietnam told me that I needed urgent surgery. A friend recommended I contact You!Healing, which I did. I was able to speak openly about my concerns. But even better, I was taught how to breathe. I had no idea that by simply breathing deeper and being guided into a meditation would feel so good. I could actually make decisions and felt safe and secure. And, that while I was in a hospital bed just hours before surgery."


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