Most people do not realize how vital the liver, our largest internal organ, really is. It is often overlooked when considering a cleansing program. When the liver is over-stressed all other organs start to dysfunction. It is constantly working to break down not only the environmental and external toxins that invade our body through breathing and eating, but also those produced during normal metabolic processes in the body (internal toxins).

Many common symptoms such as headaches, mental confusion, muscle pain, fatigue, poor coordination, nerve problems, skin irritations and emotional imbalances can be a result of over exposure to toxins. If liver function can be improved the entire body will benefit.

Your result of this test will tell you if your liver is in need of a cleanse.

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I had cancer before. I have cancer again. I came to You!Healing through a recommendation of a friend. I admit I was uptight and angry, really angry. Anne taught me how to breathe and I quickly reached a really calm place. I suddenly realized that I had to change my life ~ all of it, or suffer the consequences. Anne asked me to consider ‘switching my fear into focus and my pain into power.’ So we made a plan. Not easy to do, but now I honestly want to beat this!


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