Check-in Meditation

This meditation is one of my favourites. I do it daily and just 💜 it. We check in with the four aspects that make us whole...our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual selves. We listen to what they each have to tell us so that we can tend to the needs of our body whole! Side effect = you feel awesome and ready for the day!



Seedlings Meditation

This is one of my favourite meditations. You will be guided into a mindful gardening practice, creating loving spaces to plant the seedlings as you see fit. Plant whatever you want to grow in your life.

For the Love of this Planet Meditation

This meditation is needed now more than ever. You will be guided into a space where you hold this cherished this planet in the palms of your hands. Connecting your breath with the planet. Offering your healing amends and asking for forgiveness. Blessing the rivers, mountains and plains. Sending love to all sentient beings. Making new commitments to take better care...

Connection to Loved Ones Meditation

This beautiful meditation helps you connect to someone you love who is not able to be with you physically. This could be a partner, a child, a grandparent or a pet. You'll be guided into a beautiful space where love is given and received. Building a rainbow bridge of loving energy. Enjoy!

Morning Meditation

It’s a really good idea for the emotional body to wake up with something positive that sets the tone for the day, creating a moment-to-moment awareness, leaving us feeling centered, grounded and happy!

Bedtime Meditation

Sleep reduces the risk of most diseases. Sleep reduces stress! Sleep reduces inflammation. Sleep makes you more alert when awake. Sleep makes you smarter. Sleep helps you lose weight. Sleep reduces the incidence of depression.

Healing Sleep Meditation

You'll be guided into a state of physical relaxation and then invited to send love to all those who've made this life possible and worth living. Imagine sending purple hearts out from your own heart as you send that love and gratitude. We then clear out any worry, concern or fear. In the newly created spaces, we drop in higher thoughts of healing, of self-love, and of connection that will carry you off to a blissful sleep! If you wake up; listen again.

Breathing Meditation

Breath work has extraordinary healing capabilities that benefit nearly every major organ system in the body. It enables a great sense of connection, clarity, focus and peace! This simple breathing technique will measurably calm the heart and mind within seconds.

I Dare You!

There are so many people suffering right now. Many of you have suffered for years. Perhaps it's physical. A bad back, a frozen shoulder, a skin issue, headaches, insomnia, cancer, heart disease, auto-immune disease. Or maybe you're symptoms rock up on the emotional plane. You feel anxious. Worry about everything. Can't find the love you want. Feel bored. Have it all and yet....Perhaps you're feeling pretty good physically and emotionally and want to find a path toward a greater connection with your own spirituality. To your purpose and service to self, family, community and planet. That would be a true blessing. Whatever ails you. Whatever you're suffering from. Whatever keeps you small, holds you back, traps you...isn't it time to heal? I dare you!


Meditation for Letting Go


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