For over 4 decades my life’s work has concentrated on the healthcare field. I have applied my work experience, research and teaching skills in Asia to better understand how modern medicine and traditional, gentle, natural approaches can be most effectively integrated.

Since 1983, I have worked in a variety of capacities with children and adults with physical and emotional needs. I specialize in the care of those managing cancer and heart disease, but my practice has broadened considerably over the years. 

I am working with more and more young people, students, families, pregnant women, corporate clients and medical professionals. ‚Äč

Clients who come to You!Healing are either referred by their doctors, family members or satisfied You!Healing clients. All of our programs have a consistent 5 star rating and more than 70% return rate. Love that!

Prior to moving to Asia in 1989, I worked with the Ford Foundation, The U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. I have a Master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and a variety of training and certification credentials in other health care and healing modalities including homeopathy, Bach Flowers, therapeutic yoga, plant-based medicine, healing breath work, meditation, guided imagery, past life regression, hypnotherapy and Reiki. I'm years into a PhD I may never complete in plant-based medicine and also halfway through excelled training in Functional Medicine. I'm officially a gut geek! And, a life long learner!

Oh and...Seeing the role that forgiveness plays in healing, I am a keen forgiveness coach trained in a very tight methodology that has liberated many from their pain and suffering. My own included! The process is trauma-informed and can be gently accomplished in a few weeks. Too good to be true, I know. This process works!

I am also deeply trained in mindfulness meditation and was selected to join Asia’s first health care professionals to be trained by Drs. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli, both well known for their nearly 35 years of pioneering work in Mind Body Stress Reduction research.

I am also one of the few Asian-based Mindfulness Practitioners trained in the U.S. by experts who are successfully integrating such techniques into school systems around the world. I’ve volunteered in schools across the region and have trained thousands of students in breath work! Inhale..Exhale

I maintain close ties with a number of the world’s leading medical institutions and research organizations.

And here's the best part...I am happily the mother of two incredible daughters changing the world in areas of social justice. And, married for 34 years to an every-changing man I deeply love and regularly beat in backgammon.

I have been dedicated to my personal mind body healing practice for more than 20 years, a practice that has lead to my sustained health and full recovery from a life-threatening heart condition.

I love what I do and feel fully on purpose.

My passion is to empower people to heal wholly and completely.

I regularly experience my clients' miracles and hold fiercely to hope as I've seen what's possible when healing is the destination. Are you ready to heal?


My clients have convinced me to tell my personal "health crisis” story because it gives them immediate hope and belief in the process.

Nearly 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with a serious heart arrhythmia and underwent a number of surgeries and procedures including the implantation of a pacemaker. I then struggled through years of pharmaceuticals prescribed to make me feel better yet causing debilitating side effects. I was no longer a healthy person – I was struggling to keep pace at work and at home. Living like this was untenable for me.

As a former medical researcher, I decided one weekend to spend about 38 hours researching my particular heart condition. I found a significant and credible body of medical research on the clinical benefits of body positions, breath work and guided imagery. The findings included positive effects on the circulatory, respiratory and immune systems that resulted in near or full recovery from my suspected underlying medical condition. The evidence was compelling.

I tested these specific techniques on myself! I made a commitment to a daily practice that included small body movements to calm the heart and lungs, one hour of meditation using the healing breath to strip out any irregular heart beats, and guided meditation to dissipate the fatigue, frustration and pain. I recorded all food and beverages that seemed to be associated with irregular heart rhythms and one-by-one removed them all from my diet. I lived with a heart monitor on my wrist and took hourly recordings! My life changed dramatically for the better in just a few short months.

Today, I am thrilled to say that I haven’t taken any heart medication for 20 years. I’ve gone from more than 15,000 irregular beats per day to less than 100 (well within the normal range). My terrifying episodes of very fast beats that could cause cardiac arrest (and for which the pacemaker does not protect me) have dropped from a recorded 673 a day to zero! My pace maker that used to “fire” multiple times a day now reminds me of it presence less than 0.1% of the year. I have been able to maintain this level of personal health for two decades.

And, honestly, I would not have believed this had it not happened to me personally. I had been trained in the Western model of medicine. I did not believe in holistic healing. But, this experience proved to me beyond a doubt that I had deployed a powerful set of healing techniques that worked! Convinced that this was indeed my lesson, the lesson I was to learn from the terrifying experience, I then began my lifelong training in mind body medicine. I continue to be supported and taught by the best of the best in the U.S., India, Japan and Singapore. And, it is with tremendous joy and gratitude that I continue to honor my teachers by sharing these very same healing techniques with my clients who are equally committed to regaining their full and optimal health.

The You!Healing testimonials are my clients’ success stories.

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"Fasting with Anne was a remarkable experience. Although it was a mental and physical challenge to abstain from food for almost a week, for me the far greater challenge was emotional. I was surprised and deeply moved by the impact of taking food out of the equation. With Anne's guidance and support, I was able to access parts of me that I didn't even know still existed. While I did not enter the cleanse with the intention of changing perspective, it turned out to be a remarkable journey - to getting to know myself again and finding a new and unexpected comfort and peace. I wouldn't and couldn't have done this without Anne, she is an incredible woman."


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