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This is a space of miracles!

One of the most profound courses I've ever taught is a course that trains the mind to perceive the world as it is. A practice of seeing things differently. Of acceptance. Of gratitude. Of connection. The exercises are super simple. Non-denominational. Profound. The process is easy. 

We’ve taken your advice and are offering it in a format that enables you to begin and end when you’re ready. Yes, we’ll be guiding you. And yes, you’ll have delightful homework. But you can do it all at your own pace on your own schedule. 

If you’ve already done it, feel free to take it again. And, if you’re new to this and ready for a miracle or two or two hundred in your life….then join me!

I’m dusting off my wand and I’m totally here for you! 

It’s time…to action the very power we have to create miracles large and small!

The course is NOW AVAILABLE. The course is designed for an 8-week period.

Invite friends, family, loved ones...

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Exercise Example

You will be given access to a library of resources with exercises and explanations on how to use it. You practice seeing things a new way for that one day each exercise. There will be three thoughts a week and homework to share your shifts. The shifts are for a lifetime. Sounds like a miracle to me!

Join The Miracles!

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For over 4 decades Anne's work has concentrated on the healthcare field. She have applied her work experience, research and teaching skills to better understand how modern medicine and traditional, gentle, natural approaches can be most effectively integrated.

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