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Each day, I am humbled by the great void people often feel. They are frightened, confused and alone. They often feel the sense of loss could be fixed by another job, another partner, more of this or less of that. There is profound separation from the awe of life. They are simply too tired, overwhelmed, and unsure of the next steps.

Together, we chart a path; a series of simple, safe, authentic, proven steps forward. We work to better connect the miracle of the mind, body, and spirit. We learn to turn inward for answers; to quiet the reasoning, demanding, inquisitive intellect, and fall into the breathless experience of inner trust. In this space healing occurs – time and time again.

You!Healing is dedicated to empowering you to embrace the shifts in health or happiness. You come to discover your forgotten reservoirs of courage and clarity of thought. Once you remember that you have the power to change your states of emotional and physical health, you will change.

The information and tools provided are a catalyst for change for all those who are willing to take responsibility for their own health and happiness. The healing techniques are easily learned, personally powerful, and beautifully integrated into daily living.

Truth can only be known when it is personally experienced. Then, and only then, is it truly yours. You!Healing welcomes you whenever you feel ready!

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We will...

  • Obtain a full and complete medical, health and emotional history
  • Develop a care plan based on your specific circumstances and involve other practitioners
  • If and when necessary, cleanse the body and immediately shift the pH, remove parasites and re-mineralise
  • Deploy healing breath techniques that are clinically measurable
  • Incorporate movement therapies to regulate blood flow, lower or increase heart rate, increase lung capacity, invigorate the immune system, better manage pain, dissipate headaches, and ward off fatigue
  • Dive deeply into emotional patterning specific to the unwellness and address these patterns once and for all
  • Use guided imagery and meditation to bring the body back to being whole, healthy, happy and complete
  • Use the Get A Life course to create a plan for when you do return to health

The visible shifts in health typically happen within a few weeks or months. Some of my clients remain clients for years - not because they’re unwell, but because they’re feeling great and want to continue the process.

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"I had cancer before. I have cancer again. I came to You!Healing through a recommendation of a friend. I admit I was uptight and angry, really angry. Anne taught me how to breathe and I quickly reached a really calm place. I suddenly realized that I had to change my life ~ all of it, or suffer the consequences. Anne asked me to consider ‘switching my fear into focus and my pain into power.’ So we made a plan. Not easy to do, but now I honestly want to beat this!"

"I’ve successfully and proudly completed the 10-Session program and I’m on top of the world and disease free. Thank you for your care, support and knowledge. You guided me back to my health."


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