Most of us regularly take our cars in for annual maintenance checks. The oil is changed, the brake pads replaced and the tires rotated. We pay for this safety measure to assure that we’re driving a well-functioning machine.

The body is the same.  If we remember the fasting process is as old as time and that even the animal kingdom does it, it must be something the body needs and indeed loves.

Your result of this test will tell you if you are in need of that annual maintenance check.

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I had cancer before. I have cancer again. I came to You!Healing through a recommendation of a friend. I admit I was uptight and angry, really angry. Anne taught me how to breathe and I quickly reached a really calm place. I suddenly realized that I had to change my life ~ all of it, or suffer the consequences. Anne asked me to consider ‘switching my fear into focus and my pain into power.’ So we made a plan. Not easy to do, but now I honestly want to beat this!


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